How to Choose the Best Large Playing Cards Online

Everyone knows playing cards that come in a regular size. The same size is used throughout the world from customized cards used in home games to the professional cards used as the World Series of Poker events.

Those that have sight problems struggle to see the cards, which means they cannot join in the fun with family and friends during a friendly poker game after a meal. There are companies that make large playing cards for the visually impaired which are larger in size, ideal for children the elderly and those that have sight problems.

Depending which company you choose you can be looking at items that are up to fifty percent larger than traditional cards, improving chances that your friend or family member will be able to read the card clearly, joining in on those friendly poker games with ease.

When buying large playing cards online you can choose from a selection available or customize your own, a great idea if you are purchasing them as a gift for someone. Add a photograph, your own design or quote to the back of each card, making them personal and special. Each set comes in their own box, as they would if they were a traditional deck, making them a fantastic gift for anyone who has some visual problems.

Quality is exceptionally important, especially when buying for a child. There is no reason you should compromise on quality because you are purchasing something out of the ordinary. The large playing cards you purchase online should be the same quality as traditional decks, complete with plastic coating and their own box to keep them in.

Ensure you choose an online company that provides you with exceptional service. They should give you the ability to customize your own deck online with ease, by uploading a picture or design you have created. They should then print this for you before shipping your item.

Reputation is important and you will want to ensure the company you choose for large playing cards has an excellent online reputation. The only way to know this is by doing some research of your own, going through the review sites and forums to find past customers who have used the company and read about their experiences.

Always take the time to read the terms and conditions and delivery information. Never part with any money until you are completely satisfied that you are dealing with a professional company with years of experience that will provide you with outstanding customer service.

Price is always a big deciding factor, while you don’t want to break the bank buying large playing cards for the visually impaired, you also don’t want to compromise on quality. This is why it’s always a good idea to find a few companies, giving you complete control and the ability to review each one individually, comparing them against each other in terms of price to find the best match for your budget.

The final consideration when purchasing large playing cards is delivery. Ensure you read through the company’s shipping information, taking any delivery charges into consideration. Some companies will charge a set shipping fee, while others may charge a higher price on the deck, but no shipping fee.

Delivery times is as important as the delivery price, especially if you are purchasing this item as a gift for someone. Ensure you are aware of all the terms and conditions before parting with any money.

Once the deck arrives, ensure you check it thoroughly from your customized design on the back to the quality of the cards.

The Rich History of Playing Cards

Playing cards have been a source of amusement and game playing fun for centuries. For hundreds of years people have been playing them for fun, gambling with them and even fortune telling with them! They are a truly international and universally known and acknowledged game. With literally hundreds of variations of games that can be played and enjoyed any number of players from one individual to a group. What are your favourite card games to play? There’s no doubt you can think of one straight way, in fact, you may know may card games you enjoy.

The history of card games is rich and varied and illustrates how versatile this old game really is.

Let’s look at the deck of cards first. A deck or pack is made up of 52 playing cards. They are made up of four suits, Clubs, Hearts, Diamonds and Spades. Each suit is made up of numbered and face cards, the numbers run from Ace through to 10, and then the face cards are Jack, Queen and King. In most games, the Ace value can be counted as high or low depending upon the game rules. For example, in Poker and Black Jack the Aces are high.

On the back of the cards is usually a design or custom image, this depends upon who has had the cards printed. Companies and casinos have their own customer designs done. There are also traditional ornate card designs and colours which are usually red, blue or black. There is also a wide variety of designs and themes for the suits. Even well-known film franchises like Star Wars and Marvel comics have created their own playing card suits.

Over the year literally hundreds of games have been created and passed down through generations. The traditional card games are all still played, like Poker as previously mentioned. But there are also fun games like Solitaire, Hearts, Go-fish, Trumps and more.

For years cards have been used to tell fortunes. Fortune tellers use the suits and the cards are they are dealt out to give the questioner a glimpse into their futures. Whether you believe in this or not, there is no doubt that it is an art in itself and something that is still popular with many people today.

It is believed that the four suits represent the four season of the year, and that each card a day. When you had the cards up they do come to 365 which is the total number of days in the year. There are many little facts like this that add to the interest and mystery of playing cards and how they came about so many hundreds of years ago.

The next time you pick up a pack of cards and start to play think about how historical they really are. Many books have been published on this subject and for many it has become and hobby and passion. In auction houses around the world the oldest packs in perfect condition go for literally thousands of dollars and more. The older they are, and if all cards are present, they can fetch huge sums of money.

The Story of Solitaire

Since the mid 18th century, mankind had a simple answer whenever he was alone with nothing to do, Solitaire. It is perfect for wasting idle time. It’s engaging. It’s fun. It’s easy. And when things get frustrating, cheating yourself is a-okay.

Solitaire has been so popular that it has followed us into the digital age. Almost every computer has Windows installed and one of the default games since the beginning was solitaire. Real life plating cards have been replaced with digital cards and it’s still a fine game. Our love for solitaire is something that non-PC users can understand.

Like every great and grand thing, no one is sure how the card game was created. Like astronomy and the creation of fire, the true origins of solitaire are lost to the mists of time. There are no records that point to the truth. There are only a few clues.

Enough hints are left in history to suppose that solitaire originated in Northern Europe, like Scandinavia or the Baltic. These are very cold regions that suffer from winters where the sun barely appears during the “day”. Somehow, this makes it a very apt birthplace for the game. Many theorize that it was originally a form of fortunetelling. This makes a certain sense. It shows us a bleak picture of a lonely person in cottage idling away time asking, When will the sun come back? It’s really cold.

Regardless of its origins, solitaire spread managed to spread. It found its way to France in the early 19th century. At that time, France was a trendsetter. It ha gotten rid of its monarchy and then brought it back. It also popularized the metric system. France was very cool then and the other European Nations liked to follow France’s lead because they invaded the countries that didn’t and their women were (and still are) hot.

Famous people are said to have played solitaire, just like you and me. In his exile, Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France and Scourge of Europe, played solitaire. What else were you supposed to do on an obscure island?

In other countries, solitaire is known as patience. Napoleon knew it by that name. Apart from a different name, there are different variations to the game. Many of these solitaire-likes are named after Napoleon or the island of his exile, like Napoleon’s Square, Napoleon at St. Helena, etc.

Today, solitaire is ubiquitous in computer systems everywhere. Few people are left in the world that doesn’t know how to play solitaire. Too bad, they can’t play together.